What Is Going On With CPAP Supplies And Ozone?

As a CPAP user, you may have noticed quite a bit of the uproar in the CPAP community over CPAP supplies and ozone sanitizers lately. New information is provided almost daily and it can be confusing and stressful trying to keep up. We want to make sure that you stay informed so that you know going forward how our products can help you avoid some of the problems that have come up.

Philips Respironics has temporarily halted production and shipment of most of their CPAP products including machines, masks, and tubing. Why?

One of the materials they use in their products, a type of sound abatement foam, degrades to small particles that can be inhaled or ingested by the CPAP user. Many things can affect how rapidly the material degrades including humidity and high heat, but one thing that seems to cause it to happen faster is ozone. We’ve covered exactly what ozone is in previous blogs, but to refresh your memory, here is a link to our most recent one: https://www.liviliti.com/how-safe-are-ozone-cpap-sanitizers/

As we mentioned in that blog, ozone sanitizers are effective, but the harmful residue that ozone leaves behind after sanitizing can cause a lot of health concerns. On top of that, it was found that the ozone sanitizers cause the foam in the Respironics equipment to deteriorate faster. Many people have relied on ozone sanitizers for years, and this is now a danger that can be avoided.

UV sanitizing has been around for decades and provides a safe, simple way to sanitize your CPAP equipment. The LiViliti Paptizer does not use ozone or chemicals, which means your equipment is safe from any harmful residue that those processes may leave behind. With the Paptizer, you don’t have to worry about any voided warranties on your CPAP equipment.

If you have a Respironics CPAP device, especially if you use an ozone sanitizer on the equipment, make sure to follow up with your CPAP provider and doctor to see what your options are.

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