What Is CPAP Compliance?


If you recently started using a CPAP, you may have heard the term CPAP compliance from your insurance company or the dealer providing your machine. It may not have been made clear what that means or what it means for your coverage through insurance.

To be compliant with the standard regulations, you would need to use your CPAP machine for at least four hours a night for 70% of nights during a specified period of time. However, it is recommended to get at least six hours of use a night in order to help with the symptoms and complications of sleep apnea.

Why does compliance matter?

The obvious answer is that using the CPAP machine will help alleviate the problems that arise with sleep apnea, including further serious health problems like respiratory infections and heart disease. Because of this, they will want proof that you are actually using it in order to continue to pay for the equipment.  This applies if you are going through your insurance company to get a CPAP machine.

If you are worried about not being CPAP compliant, or have questions about the standards your doctor, DME, or insurance company may have, please contact them directly to find out more.

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