Traveling Safely For The Christmas Holiday

Christmas time is usually one of the most traveled holidays of the year, filling airports and highways with families going home to see their loved ones! Since COVID-19, travel in general has slowed down drastically due to regulations mandated by each state, and recommendations of the CDC. However, according to the travel booking app Hopper, 130 million Americans have decided they are venturing out for Christmas and will be hitting the road in just the United States alone!

“There will always be some risk of exposure to infections when traveling over the holidays, but there are simple things people can do to make it as safe as possible,” says Dr. Roy Benaroch with Emory University School of Medicine.

Whether you are going by car or plane, the following are recommendations for health and safety while traveling:

Flying to your destination?

The airports will be crowded wherever you go this time of year. Try to socially distance yourself from others while waiting in line for food, restrooms, or to board the plane, etc.  

Before booking a flight, research the requirements for social distancing and mask wearing with each airline to ensure you choose the flight you are most comfortable with.

Make sure you bring sanitizer with you on the flight, and use it often. It’s also a great idea to bring a sanitizing wand to use over surfaces like the passenger seat, food tray and bathroom areas. The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is a portable, chemical-free disinfection wand that uses UVC LED technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses on ANY surface! Scan it over your seat and area to eliminate germs before you even sit down.

According to the CDC, all commercial jetliners have HEPA filters that can block 99.7% of airborne microbes. Cabin air is circulated vertically and refreshed every 2-3 minutes.  Cabins are also scrubbed down between flights.

Traveling by car?

Although there are precautions you can take to increase safety while flying, experts still recommend traveling by car for the holidays because it is the safest option for your health, overall.

Plan your trip ahead of time. Before you leave, go ahead and decide where you will stop, eat, get fuel, or stay the night. Try to limit the amount of times you stop, and even pack lunches or snacks to eat on-the-go.  Use hand sanitizer frequently after stopping and wear gloves at the pump when filling up with gas. Always wash your hands whenever possible.

The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is also useful when traveling by car. Use it at the gas station pump- on the handle or the surface of the card machine, or public toilet seats. Eliminating germs in those areas decreases the risk of transferring bacteria into your car and to others traveling with you. 

Whether going by plane or by car, make sure you are aware of the quarantine requirements of the state and city you are traveling to ensure there are no hiccups for your Christmas plans!

“During the winter, many more infections circulate, including influenza, common cold viruses, strep throat and many other infections,” states Dr. Benaroch. “Fortunately, the same steps that help prevent COVID-19 transmission also help these other infections, like social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands frequently.”

Traveling to see loved ones is important to so many this holiday season. By using The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand during your travels, and following the recommendations given by the CDC, it IS possible to stay healthy while spending Christmas surrounded by the ones you love most!

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