Tips For A Germ-Free Vacation

School is out and summer has started! Summer vacations are on the horizon and marked on the calendar! Whether your plans include resort style accommodations or a home rented through airbnb, germs are still a thing to avoid during your stay. It’s a scary thought knowing that hundreds of others have stayed and slept in your home away from home, and who knows how well your house/rooms have been cleaned. Although the thought can be overwhelming, don’t let the stress of living in other’s germs ruin your vacation! There are ways to avoid exposure and we have some helpful tips for doing just that!!!

  • Stock up on supplies before you get to your resort or home.  Gloves, cleaning supplies, hand soap, hand sanitizer, The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand, etc. 
  • The first thing you should do when arriving at your destination is clean and sanitize.  The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is perfect for sanitizing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on any surface.  Sanitize the following surfaces and items with The Wand.
    • All countertop surfaces in the room, bathroom, kitchen, nightstands, etc. 
    • Light switches, AC thermostats, doorknobs, phones, TV remotes, coffee makers, drawer pulls, kitchen sink fixtures, microwave, refrigerator handles, stove knobs, bathroom toilet, bathroom sink and shower fixtures, etc.  ANYTHING that someone else has touched….sanitize it using The Wand.
  •  Ditch the bed comforters and throw pillows. It is a known fact that a lot of resorts and cleaning companies do not launder the comforters and decorative pillows after guests.  If you feel more comfortable, bring a comforter from home and even your own bedding such as sheets, pillows, pillowcases etc. 
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water and avoid touching your face. 
  • Avoid room service or cleaning service coming in during your stay to decrease exposure of new germs.
  • Avoid using the glassware or silverware before washing it yourself or running it through the dishwasher if available. There is no guarantee that the glassware or silverware was properly cleaned before your arrival and between guests. 
  • Do your research before making reservations for your overnight stay. Read reviews from other guests to help you make an informed decision on the cleanliness of the resort or home. Although, this information may not always be your experience once you get there…it’s always a good indicator of what you may be dealing with!

Although you are going to always encounter germs no matter where you go or what you do, they should never dampen your summer vacation with your family! That is why The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is an essential part of your luggage! In just a few swipes, The Wand uses UVC LED’s to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses on ANY surface!  Let The Wand take the worry of germs away,  while you relax and have fun with your family!

To learn more about The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand or our other sanitizing products, visit us online at LiViliti Health Products

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