LiViliti Paptizer 101

Wondering what comes with The LiViliti Paptizer, or how it works? Watch the video below for all the details! To learn more about The LiViliti Paptizer or our other sanitizing products visit us online at LiViliti Health Products!

Cleaning And Disinfecting: Know The Difference

There is a definite difference in cleaning,  and disinfecting. Cleaning: Cleaning is the physical removal of dirt, debris or grime from a surface.  Sanitizing: Sanitization is the destruction of bacteria, germs, and viruses at a 99.99% effective rate.  Disinfecting: Disinfection is the destruction of almost all microorganisms- bacteria, germs, and viruses on a surface at …

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Are you feeling anxious or a little uncertain as a parent, teacher or school employee going into this next school year? The unknown of what the day-to-day grind is going to look like can make the transition back-to-school unsettling. Although many agree our children should be back in a brick and mortar school setting, it …

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