Product Testimonial With Samantha Lawrence, ARNP

Samantha Lawrence is an ARNP at Magnolia Pediatrics in Lake City, FL . She and the other providers in her office use The LiViliti Paptizer for sanitizing on a daily basis. We chatted with her about the Paptizer,  how she uses it, and how it has affected her day-to-day routine.  Here is what she said…

How do you use the Paptizer?

“I use it everyday to sanitize my equipment that I use for patient care.  Blood pressure cuffs, stethoscope, thermometers, otoscope…basically everything we use to assess patients we put in the Paptizer to sanitize.”

How do you feel The LiViliti Paptizer is benefiting you and the children you care for?

“It really makes sanitizing our equipment quick and easy.  Say for instance…I just examined a child who has tested positive for COVID (or any virus for that matter) and I am scheduled to see a newborn for my next appointment.  I am able to immediately throw all of my equipment in the Paptizer, wash my hands, and by that time the 3 minute fast sanitize cycle is finished.  I can confidently go into my next appointment to treat my newborn patient knowing everything is sanitized of germs and bacteria, AND without it taking extra time and affecting my schedule!”

“I also use it to sanitize paci’s and teethers when babies or toddlers drop them on the floor.  It always makes the mama feel better knowing it has been sanitized.”

Why do you like and recommend The LiViliti Paptizer?

“I love the Paptizer because it is convenient, super easy-to-use, and it’s fast! I don’t have to worry about getting behind in my day because of the time that it takes to disinfect my equipment. I just throw it in the Paptizer in between patients and it’s sanitized in 3 minutes.  I feel like it allows me to provide better care to my patients- giving them the time they need and deserve!” 

“The Paptizer is great for anyone who is conscious or concerned about germs and bacteria. It’s a game changer when it comes to effectiveness and convenience!”

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