Keeping Your Dog’s Bed Clean

We love our furry dog friends! They truly are a man’s best friend! They are the only ones who will always welcome us home with a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss no matter what went on in the day. Because of their loyalty to our happiness, we like to spoil them with treats, playing a game of fetch, and even a cozy dog bed to sleep in.

Our lives are so busy these days and the last thing we think about cleaning is our pup’s bed. It’s super important not only for the health of our furry friends and ourselves, but also the cleanliness of our homes.

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your dog’s beds:

  1. Vacuum the cover. Make sure to get as much pet hair as possible off the bed before washing. Use the hose on your vacuum and an upholstery attachment if possible. Vacuuming the dog bed in between washings will also help keep it clean for longer.
  2. If it has a cover, remove it.  Most dog beds have removable covers to make it easier to wash. If the bed cover is not removable, check the manufacturer instructions to see if it can go in the washing machine.  A very large dog bed may have to be taken to the laundromat to be washed in a high-capacity washing machine.
  3. Use a stain remover. If there are any stains from mud, urine, etc. it would be helpful to spray stain remover on the areas to increase the chances of removal from the bed.
  4. Wash the bed.  Whether you are washing just the cover or the whole dog bed, put it in the washing machine on a hot water cycle. Use a mild detergent if you are able because dogs can be sensitive to chemicals. If need be, you can use vinegar in place of laundry detergent.
  5. Dry the bed. Tumble dry the dog bed or cover in your dryer if it is large enough. You can also let dog beds and removable covers air dry.  If air drying, make sure it’s in a ventilated area to prevent it from molding or souring.
  6. Use the LiViliti Sanitizing Wand for disinfection. Although necessary, washing only gets rid of dirt, grime and some germs. It’s still important to also disinfect your dog’s bed to focus on ridding it of the bacteria and germs that stick around after a general cleaning. The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is portable and easy-to-use, especially in the hard to reach areas. All you do is scan the wand back and forth about one inch over your dog bed 6-10 times to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses.

The cleanliness of your dog’s bed is important for their health and yours, too! That is why we recommend a regular pet bed cleaning routine using the tips above to ensure your furry friend sleeps better at night!

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