Jet Lag Is Real!

Jet lag

When we travel between time zones, we often joke that jet lag is causing us to be even more exhausted than usual. Some of us may even use it as an excuse to have a lazy first day at our destination!

While we may joke, jet lag is a very real thing with real effects! Some people only experience minor symptoms like fatigue or dizziness, while others may experience nausea, headaches, cramps, and insomnia. Usually, the more time zones you travel, the more severe the symptoms are.

Some people say it is much easier to fly east than it is to fly west due to gaining time instead of losing time. If you are only traveling one or two time zones, it is very unlikely that which way you travel will make too much of a difference unless you have never traveled between time zones before.

People who frequently fly, especially pilots and business travelers, will often experience jet lag more frequently since their bodies don’t have a regular circadian rhythm. Older adults often experience more severe symptoms as well, even when they are completely healthy otherwise.

If you are someone who experiences severe symptoms or experiences jet lag regularly, you may want to consult with your doctor about ways to prevent it or work with your own circadian rhythms when traveling.

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