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UVC LED Microscope Experiment

See how your Paptizer can kill bacteria, germs, and viruses.

In this video, Casey uses a microscope with one UVC LED light to show how quickly and efficiently the Paptizer can kill bacteria, germs, and viruses.

How To Get Started Using Your Paptizer

Step 1:

Open the Paptizer box. The following contents are inside:

  • Stainless steel rack
  • Instruction manual
  • UV test card
  • The Paptizer sanitizer
  • Power adapter

Step 2:

Plug the power adapter into the Paptizer located on the back of the unit at the base. Make sure to plug it in all the way or it will not power on. Plug the other end into the wall outlet.

Step 3:

Open the lid by pressing the open button on the front of the Paptizer. Place the stainless steel rack inside. Then place your item to be sanitized on top of the rack. If your water chamber does not fit, you may remove the stainless rack. For best results, CPAP manufacturers still recommend washing and drying your mask, water chamber, & accessories before sanitizing. Washing gets rid of oils, makeup residue, and dirt, while sanitizing gets rids of germs & bacteria that washing cannot. 

Step 4:

Close the lid and press the ON/OFF button to power up the sanitizer. All buttons should be illuminated.

Step 5:

Choose a sanitizing cycle. There are 3 easy-to-use modes available. 

  1. The 3 minute quick sanitization which is ideal when you need something to be sanitized effectively in 3 minutes. 
  2. Auto Mode which includes the quick sanitization, smart drying of small water particles and 24 hour sanitized storage. This is ideal for CPAP equipment after the manufacturer recommended weekly washing.  
  3. 3 minute quick sanitization and 24 hour sanitized storage. This mode is ideal when you need something to be sanitized effectively in 3 minutes and keep it sanitized until the next use. 

**Please keep the power supply plugged in during the whole process. The unit will continue to run during sanitized storage for up to 24 hours or until the unit is shut off. 

**To avoid damage, only sanitize items with batteries on the Fast Sanitize cycle.

Step 6:

To sanitize your CPAP mask, open the unit.  Lay your CPAP mask on the rack facing up. Close the lid. Press the Fast Sanitize, Auto Mode, or Fast Sanitize/Sanitized Storage button. Once the cycle is complete, the unit will double beep and the mask will be ready to use. This same process is used for any item being sanitized.

Step 7:

This step is optional. To test the sanitizer to ensure it is operating properly, place the UV test card in the unit with the words facing up. Close the lid. Press the ON button on top of the Paptizer and run on the Fast Sanitize cycle (3 minutes/180 seconds). As soon as you hear the double beep, open the unit and check the front of the test card.  The pictures of germs and bacteria will turn purple once UV sanitizing has begun.  The card can be used for UV testing up to 20 times. If you need additional test cards, please call 888-987-0744. 

Step 8:

Register your warranty.  Now that we have gone through the steps on how to get started using your Paptizer, we want you to register your warranty on our website. Below you will find the link that will take you directly to the page on our website where you will need the following information:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Serial Number- This is located on the back of the Paptizer box at the very bottom. 
  5. Retailer- The company with whom you purchased your Paptizer.

Once you have filled out the form with the correct information, hit send at the bottom of the page.  You will get a notification at the bottom of the page that says “The form was sent successfully.”

That’s it!  Now you are all set and ready to use your Paptizer!


Auto Mode Feature

The biggest benefit in using the “auto mode” verses the “fast sanitize” cycle is the smart drying feature, which is intended to dry small water particles that may be left on your item after washing it. This is not intended to dry wet items. Watch the video below of the auto mode explained in detail!

Troubleshooting Videos

My Paptizer Is Not Powering On:

Watch the video below to troubleshoot if your Paptizer is not powering on. If it is still not powering on even after troubleshooting with the power supply, call us at 1-888-987-0744 or email us at info@liviliti.com.

Registering The Warranty: How Do I Find The Right Serial Number?

Make sure when registering the warranty for The Paptizer that you input the correct serial number! If you put the wrong number we have no way of tracking your unit and the warranty is not valid.  Watch the video below to see where the correct serial number can be located. 

The serial number will begin with a “S/N” followed by a 10 digit number.  You can find this in 2 places:

  1. On the back of the box the unit came in at the bottom. 
  2. On the bottom of the Paptizer.

To register the serial number for your Paptizer click on the link below: 



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