How To Nip The Springtime Cold In The Bud

Spring has sprung and so has the common cold.  Although you can catch a cold anytime during the year, Spring is the peak season of the common cold.  Most colds resolve within 7-10 days. However, if you are someone with a weakened immune system, asthma, or a respiratory condition, your symptoms could last longer and possibly develop into a much more serious condition if left untreated.

Symptoms of the Common Cold Include:

            • sore throat
            • runy nose
            • coughing
  • sneezing
  • headaches
  • body aches

How To Avoid The Springtime Cold

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. The transfer of germs and viruses happen mostly by your hands and the things you touch. That is why it is so important to wash your hands often. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol- based sanitizer as a substitute. Know that while sanitizers are good to use, hand-washing is the most effective method to limiting the spread of germs.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, especially with unwashed hands.  Eyes, nose, and mouth are the primary gateway bacteria and germs enter your body and cause illness. 
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow. Do not use your hand to cover your cough or sneeze. Using your hands will increase the risk of spreading germs and viruses onto other surfaces and people.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Boost your immune system by making sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.  The best way to do this is by eating fresh foods, especially ones that contain vitamin C. It is also a good idea to take a daily multivitamin to ensure you are getting enough of what your body needs in order to help fight off viruses.
  • Keep a healthy home and work environment.  Sanitize frequently touched surfaces and items in your home or office. It can be overwhelming to think about keeping all the things you are in constant contact with sanitized. LiViliti Health Products offer the perfect solution to making sanitizing quick, easy, and efficient.

The LiViliti Sanitizer Bag is a sanitizing bag that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses in as little as 3 MINUTES on ANYTHING that will fit in the bag.  An example of things in your home or office that you can sanitize in the bag are…TV remote, gaming remotes, cell phone, car keys, wallets, eye glasses, office supplies, electronic devices (tablets, Kindles), face masks, air pods, dog toys, children’s toys, bottles, pacifiers…literally anything that will fit in the bag can be sanitized!!!

The LiViliti Sanitizer Wand is a portable wand that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses with a few swipes above any surface. Use it anywhere…home, office or at a hotel while traveling! Some ideas of the surfaces you would sanitize with the wand are…kitchen and bathroom counters, sink faucets, toilet seat, light switches, doorknobs, thermostat, security system, office desk, office phone, computer keyboard and mouse, office chair,  hotel beds and phones.  

All of the LiViliti Health Products use UVC LED technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses in as little as 3 minutes. There are NO harsh chemicals or ozone during the sanitizing process.

The LiViliti Sanitizer Bag and Wand are perfect solutions for keeping your home, office, and hotel sanitized to avoid the spread of germs and viruses that cause the common cold. It is a quick, easy, and efficient method to keeping your space healthy!

To learn more visit us online at LiViliti Health Products!

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