Sanitize Your Kids Toys Without Using Chemicals

If you are anything like this mama, the most painful items in the house to clean and disinfect are your kids toys…all 10,592 of them! Not only do you want to sanitizer them when your children are sick, but also on a regular basis. Let’s face it…they carry them around everywhere inside and outside of the home and have all kinds of yucky germs on them!

When it comes to our children we tend to be more cautious of the cleaners and disinfectants we use.  A lot of the ingredients can be harmful to them especially if they are at the age when everything goes into their mouth.

We have a chemical-free sanitizing option for you! The LiViliti Paptizer uses UVC LED technology to disinfect any item/toy that will fit in the box.  Using the fast sanitize cycle, it will eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses in just 3 minutes. How could it be any more convenient, while delivering those results?  Every playroom should have a LiViliti Paptizer to make a busy mom’s life easier!

Watch the video below to see the kids helping out by putting their toys in the Paptizer!

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