Cleaning Your Pet’s Toys

How often do you clean your fur babies’ toys?  I am guessing if you are like most busy pet owners these days…it’s probably not often enough.  According to a study by the National Sanitation Foundation, pet toys and their food/water bowls are one of the germiest spots in our homes.   Although it doesn’t rank high on your to-do list, cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys is important to not only keeping your pet healthy, but also yourself!

Whether your fur babies live primarily inside or outside of the home, their mouths and paws are dirty all the same! Dogs carry germs and bacteria in their mouths, which then get transferred to their toys when playing. Depending on the type of toy, it can hold moisture, which is a breeding ground for germs.  Not only is it crucial to get in a routine toy cleaning about every two weeks to get rid of the dirt and grime, but also to disinfect them to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs.

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys…

Hard, Rubber, or Plastic Toys:

It’s best to use natural products that do not contain toxic chemicals on the items that go into your fur babies mouth. For best results, soak your toys in a sink or tub of equal parts warm water and vinegar for 15 minutes.  For toys that have a little extra grime on them you can sprinkle baking soda and scrub it down with an old toothbrush.  Once cleaned, rinse with warm water and set them on a towel to air dry.

Soft, Plush, or Rope Toys:

It is best to put these toys in the washing machine on a regular, warm water cycle, using vinegar or a natural detergent. Once the cycle is complete, put them in the dryer on low heat.  For more delicate toys, hang them out to dry in the sun.

Cleaning is good and necessary, but disinfecting your pet’s toys is equally as important.  Once their toys have been cleaned using the methods above, take the extra step to sanitize them by putting them in the LiViliti Sterilizer Bag. The bag uses UVC LED technology to eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses in as little as 3 minutes. Not only can you use it for your pet’s toys, but also their leash, water/food bowl, brush, or anything else that will fit in the bag.

It’s super easy to use…

  1. Place the toys in the bag. Avoid stacking them on top of one another for maximum disinfection. 
  2. Zip the bag shut. 
  3. Push the start button for a 3 minute disinfection cycle.

That’s it!! It’s quick, easy and effective!  And it’s chemical-free! No ozone or harmful residue will be left behind on your fur babies’ toys!

Pets are a part of the family, and some consider them like children. Don’t we always want the best for our children…even fur babies?! One thing you can do for your pet child is to establish a cleaning and sanitizing routine for their toys, leashes, water bowls etc. The LiViliti Sterilizer Bag takes disinfection to the next level- giving you peace of mind that their space, and yours is rid of bacteria and germs!

To learn more, visit LiViliti Health Products online!



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