Cleaning Safely With COPD

People diagnosed with COPD often don’t realize the small things that can cause COPD symptoms to worsen. Since the Coronavirus pandemic first started, we have become more conscious of how often we clean and sanitize our homes, personal items, cars, and work areas. As someone diagnosed with COPD, you may find that the extra cleaning and sanitizing is causing symptoms to flare up more often or stronger than before.

Certain types of cleaning products are much worse than others for those with COPD and other respiratory illnesses. Any aerosol cleaning product, even with light scents, can cause respiratory distress, even for people with normally mild symptoms. While it may be super easy to spray Lysol on surfaces, consider the fact that the particles from the disinfectant spray are not just finding their way to those surfaces; they’re also finding their way to your lungs! Not to mention the fact that simply spraying a surface does not provide sufficient protection from germs and bacteria.

Many cleaning products these days are labeled as organic or eco-friendly, but that does not necessarily mean safer for people with respiratory illnesses. These products still often contain harmful chemicals and scents that can cause the same issues as any regular cleaning product.

Some products to avoid using include:

  • Bleach
  • Aerosol cleaners (like Lysol disinfectant spray) Varnishes
  • Room fragrances (spray, candles, wax melts)
  • Fabric softeners

This drastically decreases what you may be able to use to clean and sanitize your personal space and items, but it doesn’t make it impossible!

Making your own cleaning products may be the safest way for you to ensure that your respiratory illness stays in check. Check out this link to find out some great homemade cleaning solutions!

In addition to making sure your spaces and items are clean, you want to eliminate as many bacteria, germs, and viruses as you can. That’s where LiViliti products come in!

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