Baby Strollers & Car Seats: How To Kill Those Pesky Germs!

Every mother knows that cleaning and disinfecting baby strollers and car seats is an inconvenient and tedious task. We literally try to avoid taking those things apart at all cost because they are practically impossible to put back together… the right way! Although a routine wiping down is necessary to clean and get rid of dirt and snack crumbs, it is still important to disinfect the surface to eliminate bacteria and germs! After all, our babies and toddlers are in their car seats a lot!

How do you disinfect all the little hard-to-reach areas of a car seat and stroller?  I am glad you asked!

The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is the answer to all your problems! It is a portable, easy-to-use wand that uses UVC LED technology to sanitize up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Just turn on the wand,  scan back and forth 6-10 times, one inch over the surface…and that’s it! For additional safety, it has a built-in gravity sensor so when it is overturned it automatically shuts off.

The wand is light-weight and a perfect size to throw in your purse or diaper bag! Mama, it’s a no brainer! When it comes to disinfecting your stroller or car seat The LiViliti Sanitizing Wand is a must-have!

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